Hope Faculty: Happy New Year

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Hope Faculty wants to wish all humanity a Happy new year!

2018, Hope Faculty has decided to take no hostages, especially when it comes to spreading the message of Hope, so join us and become a member that gives back, through support, knowledge or simply by living by or having a positive outlook to all the negative this earth has to offer.

That’s Hope Faculty

Hope Faculty: (Mind-set tools) Courage


‘The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc  without fear’ (Dictionary .com)

Hope faculty believe Courage is a very important virtue  that every individual should understand for their well-being, because its courage that’s your friend in the battle against and life is full of it fears. Within your own self, its courage that will let you conquer  worries you come against. its theses negative emotions that can be draining on your health and will lead you to doing rational things.

  • Courage allows you to act rational and correctly because it’s the courage that lets you evaluate emotional situations.
  • Courage allows you to act out your life in a way which is consistent with your values or beliefs even in spite of criticism
  • Courage can be physical in the sense of physical pain hardship which can be seen as bravery. The other is moral, this can be when you act rightly while facing opposition or discouragement
  • courage will let you analyse your own situation and act on it the best possible way.
  • once you understand courage you then naturally become courageous which is a positive outlook on life and a good mindset to have for your well being.
  • With courage you can empower yourself and others , courageous individuals are known for the trait of standing up for what they feel is right or situations that threaten them, their people or things they care for.
  • Courage is needed and should be present in your mind-set for the constant life long battles against fear and the unknown which living on earth constantly sends your way


Hope Faculty



Hope Faculty (mind-set tools) Motivation


  • A reason or reasons for acting a certain way.(dictionairy.com)

Hope Faculty believes motivation, in your personal life is a mind-set tool that is very important and needs  to be present to fulfil a productive life and in the  long-term is needed to reach the goals you put your mind too. Your motivation can manifest the outcomes or consequences.

This  post is not talking about motivation in the work place, because if we are honest your boss  feels like your wages are enough motivation and also the fact that the system wants to consume  you to work all day , then go home tired, pay bills, while constantly on  repeat till you die. Just goes to show you already the uphill struggle it is in today’s modern society full of distractions.

Self-motivation is a great catalyst for your mind to direct a new path for itself,

  • Motivation will allow you to achieve
  • Motivation is a great vehicle for change
  • Motivation is the energy behind the action that will result in the outcome
  • Motivation will push you to attain your goals
  • Motivation will allow you to act and do

Being motivated for yourself is important, motivation naturally means you have goals you want to reach and not dreams you wish about. Having a motivated life gives you the sense of moving in the right direction, a great trait your mind needs for its own wellbeing. Motivation leads to better productivity, efficiency and results just by the fact that if you de- motivated you might not get nothing done or work to your best ability

Hope Faculty wants to know everybody has motivation in them; the problem is harnessing it for yourself and your own ventures which should be a priority for yourself, because if you don’t care for yourself essentially no one can.

A bit of motivation a day for your own personal agenda is a great start.” Rome was not built in a day”

Hope Faculty.

Hope Faculty : Mind-set tools (Be Pragmatic )



  • solving problems way that suits the conditions that really exist now, rather than obeying fixed theories, ideas or rules .(British Dictionary)

Hope Faculty believes being pragmatic will always allow yourself to be more honest, assertive about what you want, like and need. You have to sometimes think out the box and remember this world is a rat race and nobody really cares or essentially have time to think about your needs or what is fair. Being pragmatic has nothing to do with being selfish or self-centred, it’s about knowing and being in control of yourself. Sometimes in life rules are made for the masses at the cost of the individual and that’s why being active having an active pragmatic mind-set can help you push and achieve what you want  rather than going with the flow and seeing what scraps or luck, life or society trickles down to you.

Hope Faculty



Hope Faculty :( Mind-set tools) Being Assertive

Throughout your lifetime and humans being social beings, you are highly likely to encounter what is called a “bargaining Situation”. The way you act or react will have an effect on the results or success you deserve from the situation. Hope Faculty wants you to know the way you act in these bargaining situations you will automatically be identified into what is called three states of control which are:

  • Assertive
  • Aggressive
  • Passive


Hope faculty believes


  • Being assertive allows you to get your point across fairly and not at the expense of hurting anyone or putting them down. Your view can come across as persistent and the nature and direction of view always trying to create a win-win situation. This intern allows the prospect of creating and maintaining relationships.

If you’re not approaching “bargaining situations” with the elements of assertiveness then you could be projecting:

  • aggressive approach which essentially is the approach of getting to your objective or your point across at the expense of others which transpires in a high stakes approach which normally ends in a win-lose situation outcome.
  • Passive approach is the opposite, this is when you are willing to give up, override your personal feelings not putting yourself first, giving more for the benefit of the other. This is a lose- win

Hope Faculty knows being assertive is all you hear in your professional lives but why not incorporate certain approaches in your personal life. Being assertive is a mind tool that will let you naturally have control of what’s at hand and better influence the results you desire as well as projecting good characteristics.Go out and be assertive today !

Hope Faculty

(Applicant)……… Degree! You don’t need a Degree for this job! (Employer :”)….. Got 10 applicants and 7 have degrees

(Applicant)……… Degree! You don’t need a Degree for this job!

(Employer :”)….. Got 10 applicants and 7 have degrees

(Applicant)…….What! They do degrees for stop gap jobs with no career prospects

(Employer) it’s a competitive world

(Applicant) Ok I was embarrassed but I got a Chemical Engineering Degree

(Employer)….um and what university is that from

Applicant……what University, does that matter

Employer (thinking in his head …of course it matters so I can tell whose degree is better)


For Hope faculty this is a case of the employer having his own cake and eating it. I’m talking about those traditional blue collar jobs that due to the surplus of qualified degree level workers, they have found themselves over demanding work qualities for their available job.

These employers are seeing what extra skill they can supposedly one day may utilise but a lot of these companies wont need the staff to use  skills that our outside the employee remit. Also if an employer does use the skills outside the work duties, will the even get valued or receive or have the opportunity to be paid accordingly.

These companies also find themselves with the problem of holding these graduates, Hope Faculty has seen it, so they employ these new qualified degree workers who didn’t even know your job was a career because they never heard of it during career lesson, who are fearless liberals who just left university and whose mission A is to get a job as quick as possible to start paying the 40,000 debt they quite don’t know all the ins and outs about.. What happens they soon realise from early on, I am not staying here for the next 35 years, they soon see that the manager can’t use the computer as quick as them and now have a niche. The manager is not as physically strong as them another niche, then comes the realisation that they know their manger job inside out, so why cant they get manager money as their more efficient, then they realise t that the same manager will have to die, retire,be murdered or you have to start whistleblowing which is unrealistic, and the worse is it definitely looks like your managers last job and he isn’t going nowhere till his pension. All this for any type of promotion! Its time to go!

And the funny thing is, all the managers pretend to be shocked and confused not even showing interest in you moving on bettering their life because that don’t matter to them and the old work colleagues say “good luck to the worker, the managers were rinsing the poor boy and now take cover because managers are begging the old workers to take up the work”


Hope Faculty definitely wants to make a disclaimer to all those employers who look after their staff and their prospects and to all Graduates getting ready to or fulfilling their life goals and career prospects.

To those who do find them selves in a so called stop gap job ,don’t worry , don’t give up and try enter the field or industry of your studies and ultimately find a job that makes you happy and compliments the life you want to live. Remember employment is something you choose to do  and ultimately does not defy you and does and should not behold you reaching you goal .


Hope Faculty