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Hope Faculty: Remember when going through a tough life.

Hope Faculty always tells its members that tough times is only a phase and to remember to have the strength to not let it control your mind and body. Below is a great quote Hope faculty found on the web and thought we would share it.

That’s Hope Faculty!

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Hope Faculty: 9 Things to quit for your ownself

At Hope Faculty we always tell our members that to spread hope you have to believe in yourself. Your own self belief is vital for the determination or direction of life.

To feel confidence you have to get rid of negativity, negativity and lack of confidence will always turn to self doubt and thats when its hard to give, fulfill and carryout things in you life to the full 100% potential. Outside factors we may not be able to influence but within ourselves we can try a few things to make life more focused to your vested interest and cut out alot of the time wasting. Below is a great list Hope Faculty found online, and it basicly sums up a few things you can quit which can help you fullfill or unlock the potential.

That’s Hope Faculty!

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Hope Faculty: Truth Image

(source unknown)

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Hope Faculty: How much time do you have to pursue your dreams!

Hope Faculty saw this poster this morning and thought how true…..if only!

Hope Faculty felt guilty because we do not seem to have or feel like we have 37 hours a week to pursue my blog.

Why not i ask myself, then i reallised after working for the “man” and the system 8 hours a day, I will need at least 3 hours rest to unwind and transition to my personal life, which then leaves me an hour or so, for my dreams.

This hour  left then seems like 10 minutes while working on the Hope Faculty blog and then straight to bed.

I know I’m not lazy, so when looking at this poster again, I found instead of feeling guilty, the real problem is the 40 hours of  working just to maintain my lifestyle and do the basics  everyday society demands of you.

Hope Faculty always promotes that you should work to live, and not live to work, and its that mindset that makes me want to reorder the things in my life and prioritise what needs I have, in order to give me the strength to follow my dreams. Or at least have a job that compliments your private life. Its better you do a job you enjoy or that ensures you  with free time to pursue your dreams. The poster clearly states the messege that you have less time to pursue your dreams then work, and this poster reinforces to me the system wants openly for you to feel you have to work 40 hours a week.

But Hope Faculty will not be fooled and knows the reality, deep down the mission for Hope Faculty is for the 40 hours work to be my dreams, imagine doing something you love and most importantly could pay your bills and outgoings, you will be considered lucky.  The reality is that, there are many unhappy people in society just maintaining being a slave to the system working in a job for 40 hours, and if you want the opportunity for extra money , that means you have to give up more of your own hours from  your own time which clearly no one should want to give up because essentially your giving up time and eventually will be cutting into your sacred personal life.

You have to be strong and have a firm mindset to follow your dreams, understanding the balance of work and private life is needed, and try make it work for you. One thing for sure in employment is, if you left you job tomorrow would your employees fold or close the company or replace you in a heartbeat (we all know which one).

So don’t let work or companies control or dictate your life because in the end its you who misses out.

So remember chase your dreams, or even dream job but dont let a busy work life make you private life dreams hopes impossible, or  unreasonable or even put them on hold. Hope Faculty sends the message to have hope and try or understand what is better for you, find employment that compliments your passion or sets you on the right path to reach your passions. Time is precious so stay positive!

That’s Hope Faculty!

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Hope Faculty: Project Positivity

At Hope Faculty we have many members who have a great positive nature, so much so that other Hope Faculty members always look forward to interacting with these certain members and feel energised for their own issues. The truth is positivity can, does and will rub off on others even if you haven’t noticed (so imagine how good that is helping others without knowing).

At the Hope Faculty we always tell members to be positive and promote that side to others, positivity opens door and minds, it also allows for an opening where others can relate and let you in, let’s be real when your negative you should understand your mind is moving to the darker spectrums of thought ,you unknowingly are creating perfect conditions for darker thoughts which will turn out into darker solutions.

Being positive is a habit and a mindset which in today’s society full of pressures, unfairness and bad news is easy to lose, but you have to be strong, unbreakable, be dignified and let no one take your shine and that’s when your positivity will project and pass on to others for the better.

That’s Hope Faculty

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Hope Faculty: Quick Quote

Hope faculty loves quotes that help to motivate the mind and ask questions of your-self.

This is the quote which Hope Faculty came across, (don’t know the source) wich embodies the rules for self-empowerment and the never give up attitude which represents and is a needed mindset for hope and success in our day to day lives.

That’s Hope Faculty!

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Hope Faculty: New Mascot and weekly Hope Task


Would like to welcome the newest member of Hope Faculty. Unfortunately we are not allowed to have winged tigers walking up and down the corridor due to health and safety and the fact its hard to catch one of these mythical creatures, so we got another, the mythical British Bulldog called Harley.

The British bulldog will be a great addition to the family and the symbol which represents the “British Bulldog spirit” that all Hope Faculty Members need and have in order to spread the message of Hope and positivity, especially when you can find yourself in the deep depths of despair and negativity!

That’s Hope Faculty


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Hope Faculty!

I know you thought we were gone, well you thought wrong, we was just re-grouping and getting our act together cause we are here for the long run. So if your Righteous, positive and got that die-hard attitude then you are a Member of Hope Faculty, so join us because 2018 we will  spreading the positive message gerrilla style!

Check out the new Hope Faculty 2018 theme tune!

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Hope Faculty: Is Back!!

Hope Faculty will like to tell all its members and readers that we are back from the small intermission. In case your wondering Hope Faculty has been on a spiritual quest up the mountain of knowledge and resources trying to figure it out so please forgive us.

And we have….

This world will always need Love,Hope and knowledge and at Hope Faculty  we will continue to be a place that offers this without comprimise and will strive to be a proper official positive outlet in society. 

That’s Hope Faculty!

(Stay tuned to see what we learned from our time meditating on a mountain and the new ventures Hope Faculty will be starting to cement its place as a lifestyle)