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Hope Faculty: New Mascot and weekly Hope Task


Would like to welcome the newest member of Hope Faculty. Unfortunately we are not allowed to have winged tigers walking up and down the corridor due to health and safety and the fact its hard to catch one of these mythical creatures, so we got another, the mythical British Bulldog called Harley.

The British bulldog will be a great addition to the family and the symbol which represents the “British Bulldog spirit” that all Hope Faculty Members need and have in order to spread the message of Hope and positivity, especially when you can find yourself in the deep depths of despair and negativity!

That’s Hope Faculty


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Hope Faculty: A good friend told me….

“Do not hold resentment. Do not get so mad at times when things are a little wrong. Remember that others have as much right to their opinions as self, but that there is a level from which all may work together for good. Smile always –Live the smile

Peace light and love”


(My reply was )”No doubt

That’s Hope Faculty!

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Hope Faculty: Merchandise

Hope Faculty has opened a merchandise Shop. As you know Hope Faculty eventually want to support, promote and fund hope that adds positivity and can change peoples lives on the frontline of negativity in todays society. To speed up and grow this mission Hope Faculty has decided to create its own revenues and came to a conclusion that merchandise could be one way.

All the Merchandise has been designed, made and created at the  Hope Faculty.

For the first creation we decided to do t-shirts, we thought this would be a great way for members to be proud and wear the positivity. Creating t- shirts is easier said then done and we was struggling with the heat press, printer, cutter ,vinyl and other problems no  tutorials told us about. But we eventually came out with 3 t-shirts  that made all the blood, sweat and tears (again no youtube tutorial prepared us for that) worth it, and we are proud and have hope you will like it.

We called this line on three t-shirts the 1st wave and more waves will be coming soon. Please check them out on the Hope Faculty website merchandise store. Please press the link below



That’s Hope Faculty

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Hope Faculty: Music Beats

Hope Faculty loves music and its members have asked to create this page dedicated to all the music beats produced by its members. All instrumentals can be purchased so if your listening and like the beat please contact us. Remember Hope Faculty is about being self-sufficient and good ethics and all funds and earnings are put back into the site for further development and projects. Thank You, now please have a listen.

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Hope Faculty: Frozen Hair Boy (The positives)


A photo of a boy who was left with frozen hair and eyelashes after he walked to school in sub-zero temperatures has gone viral. Wang Fuman was pictured with icicles on his eyebrows, hair, eyelashes and his thin jacket after he made it to class in temperatures of -9C.

The photo was taken by his teacher after his daily 4.5km walk to school in China’s Yunnan province. It has also caused debate about the “left behind child” problem which is when the parents have to migrate across china for work while they leave their kids with the grand parents in small villages across China.

What fascinates us at Hope Faculty is:

  • Wang is one determined little boy, you can just tell nothing was going to stop his education, you could just imagine him reassuring his dear old granny that he will be safe and warm trust him.
  • You can tell from the photo Wang is thinking

” what is all the commotion about, teacher you know I am happy and proud to go school, ok I know my hair looks funny. Go on then take a pic but don’t act like you didn’t know! this has been my school route for years.”

  • Wang, you looked out your window and thought “yay me and my pals are going to slide, sleigh and have snowball fights all the way to school” he does not know that to most modern-day parents that was a gauntlet of death, and they would be suing the schools for attempted murder, for just being open and making their kids have to go, kids that could probably not survive the 4.5km walk without collapsing or needing a time out! so imagine them in -9c!!!
  • This story and the photo of Wang just melted our hearts but more so is the positivity and determination projected. To Hope Faculty this is simply a story about a boy who went school and did not let the weather spoil his attendance.
  • For Hope Faculty, Wang in his young age has demonstrated great qualities such as determination, confidence, being focused, trust, self-motivation, application, pragmatism, strength and willingness. The motivation to progress, and get his knowledge up, all this without complaining or knowing how hard of a life he even has.

That’s Hope Faculty




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Hope Faculty: Happy New Year

Photo on 02-01-2018 at 14.25

Hope Faculty wants to wish all humanity a Happy new year!

2018, Hope Faculty has decided to take no hostages, especially when it comes to spreading the message of Hope, so join us and become a member that gives back, through support, knowledge or simply by living by or having a positive outlook to all the negative this earth has to offer.

That’s Hope Faculty

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Hope Faculty!

I know you thought we were gone, well you thought wrong, we was just re-grouping and getting our act together cause we are here for the long run. So if your Righteous, positive and got that die-hard attitude then you are a Member of Hope Faculty, so join us because 2018 we will  spreading the positive message gerrilla style!

Check out the new Hope Faculty 2018 theme tune!

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Hope Faculty: Is Back!!

Hope Faculty will like to tell all its members and readers that we are back from the small intermission. In case your wondering Hope Faculty has been on a spiritual quest up the mountain of knowledge and resources trying to figure it out so please forgive us.

And we have….

This world will always need Love,Hope and knowledge and at Hope Faculty  we will continue to be a place that offers this without comprimise and will strive to be a proper official positive outlet in society. 

That’s Hope Faculty!

(Stay tuned to see what we learned from our time meditating on a mountain and the new ventures Hope Faculty will be starting to cement its place as a lifestyle)

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Remember you cannot loose hope, even when your at your lowest! You were born a winner and make sure you always have a ray of hope that will guide you out the rut. KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE!