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Hope Faculty: Quotes


That’s Hope Faculty!

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Hope Faculty:200 followers and whats next!

Firstly we would like to thank all the followers, visitors and viewers of Hope Faculty! Every follow and view is one great hope blessing that encourages the Hope Faculty Members to continue to strive and make the network get to the stable place so we can achieve our goals.

Hope Faculty also wants to announce that we will move into the world of audio and vlog content very soon which will allow you to visualise the true messege and aim of  the Hope Faculty platform through inspiration knowledge and truth. A truth that is pure in hope and goodness for the benifit of the regular decent loving humans of this earth.

Thats Hope Faculty!

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Hope Faculty: (Mind set Tools) Confidence


A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities(Free

Self-confidence is an essential part of humanity.[1] A person with self-confidence generally likes themselves, is willing to take risks to achieve their personal and professional goals, and thinks positively about the future. [2] Someone who lacks self-confidence, however, is less likely to feel that they can achieve their goals, and tends to have a negative perspective about themselves and what they hope to gain in life. (Wikihow .com)

Hope Faculty believes Confidence is an important trait that every individual needs and should  harness and improve on for themselves for better results in all the things you do and want to achieve.

  • Confidence is the gel that can hold all your abilities together and let them shine together at once, confidence will provide strength and a certainty in what you want or do.
  • Confidence is needed for you to achieve and believe in what you do ,making yourself more assured and less fearful or anxious in the tasks you face
  • Confidence in what you do allows others to believe with you, confidence in your actions and decisions in relation to others can also be self empowering
  • Confidence in your own talents power and beliefs will make you more determined, you will adapt, you confident attitude and self assurance can keep you on the right path and you will be hard to destroy or sway you away from the mission
  • Good Confidence is a self assurance which prepares you to be more self-reliant
  • Confidence gives the individual a level headedness , helps you be courageous as well as a boldness to try new things
  • Confidence will always allow you to be in the realms of positives. Being positive and having positive energy will always allow for a better hope and outcome for your life.

That’s Hope Faculty

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Hope Faculty Quotes: Anthony Joshua

“I’m not perfect, but I am trying and if you don’t take part, you will fail”

“Find what you believe in and what you’re good at, and give it a go and keep digging and digging”

(both quotes taken from post fight interview on 29 April 2017)


Olympic Gold medalist Anthony Joshua and now the  undisputed Heavyweight boxing champion of the World mangaged on the greatest fight night of his life to speak and remind the masses all over the world with the positive message, that you can do whatever you want just choose what you like, focus, believe , do the hard work and try and try again, you have nothing to loose just like him.

Thats Hope Faculty