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Hope Faculty: Each one Teach one

Hope Faculty:   Each one Teaches  one

“Each one teaches one” is a philosophy, or way of life, that originated in the U.S. during the early days of slavery. Africans were thought of as chattel by their owners and not worth the time or resources it would take to educate them. Leaders within the slave community started the practice of teaching reading and writing in secret. And they passed on their knowledge to their friends and family members one at a time.

In true leadership fashion, they encouraged each new student to pass on their newfound knowledge to another person. If each one who gained new knowledge passed it on to one person and the pattern continued, then they believed that eventually everyone could become educated. And it worked!


Each one teaches one is a philosophy which motivates Hope Faculty. Hope faculty fully understands that the task of achieving and spreading the positive message of hope involves, passing the vital sparks of knowledge that will help hope shine and grow within the hopeless. Everybody can look deep inside themselves and find knowledge that could be helpful to another person. We all have this ability but sometimes we are not using it correctly. The hope in each one teaches one especially with hope faculty is to empower people with the knowledge and make sure the knowledge is used, exercised and passed on. If Hope faculty members keep this structure and cycle of passing the message and knowledge of positivity, the hope will grow, help, create, manifest, support and even warn those who seem to be in a hopeless place.

That’s Hope Faculty



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