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Hope Faculty: Project Positivity

At Hope Faculty we have many members who have a great positive nature, so much so that other Hope Faculty members always look forward to interacting with these certain members and feel energised for their own issues. The truth is positivity can, does and will rub off on others even if you haven’t noticed (so imagine how good that is helping others without knowing).

At the Hope Faculty we always tell members to be positive and promote that side to others, positivity opens door and minds, it also allows for an opening where others can relate and let you in, let’s be real when your negative you should understand your mind is moving to the darker spectrums of thought ,you unknowingly are creating perfect conditions for darker thoughts which will turn out into darker solutions.

Being positive is a habit and a mindset which in today’s society full of pressures, unfairness and bad news is easy to lose, but you have to be strong, unbreakable, be dignified and let no one take your shine and that’s when your positivity will project and pass on to others for the better.

That’s Hope Faculty


2 thoughts on “Hope Faculty: Project Positivity

  1. What is hope faculty? I’m just curious.

    1. its a place where anyone is allowed to come and hope, With enough support, eventually it will be an active organisation working in society striving and celebrating the good of mankind on earth, setting out good examples to those in need while also supporting the positive way of life and how it was achieved for others to learn!

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