Hope Faculty: 100 Followers

Hope Faculty:100 followers

Hope Faculty would like to thank all my readers, likers but especially Followers of the Blog for passing this great milestone.

What 100 followers milestone mean to Hope Faculty?

  • You first 100 followers have allowed all involved with Hope Faculty to feel vindicated that all over the world there are good people wanting to bring and spread positivity through hope.
  • 100 Followers has given Hope Faculty the motivation and energy to continue and strive for what we believe because of that support.
  • 100 followers showed Hope Faculty that the Human spirit is still alive and striving for what is right and hope
  • 100 followers validated to Hope Faculty that there is a lot of like- minded people who care and push for good and truth especially in this hectic world which seems to be only promoting and drowning in negativity
  • 100 followers have shown us the power of the Blog community.
  • 100 Followers already shows the network is growing, and even better it has an international flavour with people from of all backgrounds.
  • 100 followers have allowed Hope Faculty to start implementing phase two. (phase two of Hope Faculty we will become more active in producing Hope through our ventures and putting it into a Hope faculty Fund so we can do good deeds in the community, we will do this by showing and showcasing are own strife, problems and work we put into growing the blog, website and network, so we can grow and achieve while spreading the message and access of hope.
  • Hope Faculty followers are all individually viewed as an individual beacon of Hope that shines bright within and without who also represents Hope in your own community that’s why you are very important to us, and it’s this solidarity and love that fuels Hope faculty to continue

Thanks again to all our followers and contributors to the Network and keep up the love and unity and more importantly keep spreading Hope to the ones without.

That’s Hope Faculty.



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Hope Faculty

Hope Faculty is an active mindset, lifestyle and a social support network.

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