Hope Faculty: Why war!

Hope Faculty wants to know why do these government superpowers always want to take humanity down the path of destruction with war! Time and time again these people in power would rather lock horns over an agenda with tit for tat spats threatening to start the final spat that ends all.

Goverments are spending billions in the war industry, the finances and technology are forever rising and getting better, war drones can be controlled by Xbox pads,16 million doller bombs are being manufactured with names like  ‘mother of all bombs’ actually implying the next level up of bomb is nuclear (crazy). Bombs and the war industry creates and only leads to death,oppression,poverty and a general strain and drainage of the environment. For humanity it’s a general destruction off all positivity and well being as a whole.

Hope Faculty questions why would nations take each other to the line, when you know its nuclear destruction for mankind. There is a different way , the path of love, hope and unity. A great starting point to understand, improve and enjoy our planet.

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7 thoughts on “Hope Faculty: Why war!”

  1. Dear friend,
    The problem lies in our mind – the root starts with our thoughts and as we human beings easily change our colour of mind (happy, angry, lustful, hateful, hurt, in love with, greedy, violently cheerful etc.) we first have to find a remedy, to bring our mind our control – we often have to make 1000 times the same mistakes before we are able to recognize them as mistakes and avoid them. A holy person said: Our problems we face in the world cannot be solved politically but spiritually that means: “Man know thyself” – so when we discover, each of us, our own tricks with which our mind is fooling us, then we start to understand ourselves and then we can also see that we are all ONE, we are in the same boat, no matter which religion, colour or nation – then conscious understanding is in process of development.
    As Gandhi used to say: “If we want to see a change in the world, we have to change ourselves…”
    Thank you for sharing, dear friend 🙂
    Happy Easter to you and your family

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment,and a Happy Easter to you and your loved ones. Didi its very true, it all starts with the mind set and thats the aim of the Hope Faculty Network. To unite the positive conscious and start spreading the Hope!

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      1. Thank you dear friend – the more people wake up, become conscious, the more there will be influence in the world – a change to the better 🙂 Even small stones can trigger an avalanche…

        All the best

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  2. Why indeed war, you are correct it is a drain – super insane money involved, protection racket to extreme,
    not to mention an over-ride of humanity and our best features! Still, even the most evil eventually works for good,
    and flowers wind up growing outta the business end of rifles… So keep growing!


    1. Thanks for comment, but that comment seems like a jedi mind trick! Thinking good eventually comes from bad is good hope but that thinking leads to a motive and reasoning to put humanity through bad. And that is wrong and leads human being into destruction for agendas and motives that are nothing to do with love and equality


  3. Because you have to convince all humanity to give up war at the same time. It’s the Prisoner’s Dilemma. If you think even one country won’t follow through, no one will do it. So far, that trust doesn’t exist.

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