Hope Faculty: let’s start a Hope Tsunami!

They say a flap or flutter of a butterfly wings can set off and lead to a hurricane, tornado or tsunami. Yes of course this is a poetic tale and myth but at the same time we can make it real.

Hope Faculty wants to be the butterfly and tell you it’s wings to have a little flutter and let’s start a Hope Tsuanami. We can try to start these little ripples daily with things we encounter in our every day lives:

  • We can hold a door open for someone
  • In the metro, we can help someone struggling with heavy bags or with a buggy
  • We can be polite and acknowledge other acts of kindness and hope if someone opens a door for you, you show your appreciation with a smile and a thank you
  • Take a photo or generally help a tourist/stranger
  • Random acts of kindness or support (you know who in your friends and family network would appreciate this).

Hope Faculty believes essentially being more mindful of being courteous, chivalrous and smiley is all that is needed to start the Hope Tsuanami. It’s through the little changes to your every day that you can set off and create a wave of positive difference, which continues and just keeps on producing positive blessings, hopes and support turning into a unstoppable Hope Tsuanami. Whose aim is helping people who need it, and opening the access of hope So we can believe again in the goodness of mankind.

Thats Hope Faculty

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Hope Faculty

Hope Faculty is an active mindset, lifestyle and a social support network.

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