Hope Faculty: Mind set tools (Open mindedness)

Open minded:

  • having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas and arguments. (Dictionary.com)

Hope faculty believes to have an open mind is very important  quality that the individual can possess and can utilise. Remember and it’s very important to know an open mind  does not have to be at the expense  or compromise fixed beliefs,values or principles you may already have unless you want to.

An open mind  means and is allowing yourself to be more open to change. openess can push things to flourish like opportunities, new ideas ,use of new medicine and new technologies that has proved benificial to humans and can be catorgorised as progression.

an open mind also means you are not confided by your own views so that leaves space for learning and understanding new points of view and experiences. But remember thier will always be a legitimate place where ‘you can agree, to disagree’

an open mind projects the great trait of not giving up ,simply because you can’t ,you learn and carry on with added knowledge you will never  mind making a mistake because you  learn from your ones.

An open mind also lets you be honest to yourself, you will naturally self evaluate because you are always prepared in the mind that things can change from one moment to another in any type of situation related to yourself and what’s better you can adapt or analyse if you will embrace it or you don’t .

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