Charity! What Charity, I can’t see anything changing!!!!

..Hope faculty wants to put forward the question are charity actually fulfilling the job and purpose of the donation. Listen all charities big or small have intentions of doing good work, Hope faculty knows this but sometimes we wonder

…Is my donation going to the cause (people in need) or too the logistics (salary, wages) of the Charity. Yes I know the money as a whole will eventually trickle down but is that good enough for people, whose minds want full clarity with what their donation is helping

..Another point Hope Faculty wants to point out Bill Gates the billionaire who spends multi-millions on charity causes and initiatives but doesn’t like to promote what he does …

Well Bill message to you , I think you should promote your good work because all I’ll be reading and seeing is a load of conspiracies with your face and the titles like Vaccination , chemical warfare and  depopulation which is against the Hope Faculty  and more importantly overshadowing the so called  good work.

….Hope faculty clearly understand about the private donation moral space but for Bill Gates I’m going to go all Kanye West… “Bill gates give me a $100 million to put into charity work and you see if all my good work can stay that silent” Mr gates should have big banners with Microsoft Charity all over thier good work and buildings they have helped, he is one of the richest if not the richest human on earth, if you cannot see the work it can’t be praised or inspire the generations.

Hope faculty believes…

Why hide the good especially if its helping life, one good deed inspires the next, and being visual can have an impact on the next generations on how to do things.


That’s Hope Faculty

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